We make awesome web and mobile apps

Strength and Stability

We are a member of a long-established group of companies. For more than 15 years we have been gaining experience mainly through the development of licensed products for companies in our group but also applications for their customers.

Dynamic and traditional

Despite the longevity of our applications, we like to keep up with the latest technologies and their implementation. Our products are used by a wide range of users, from board members to junior members, so quality and sustainability is our priority.

Passionate contributors

We love to share knowledge so we participate on webinars and release code to github for the open source community. We are a proud PHP Nette bronze partner.

Focus and expertise

Due to our close relationship with Market Vision we also have a deep insight into market research, customer experience, competitive intelligence and more fields of B2C marketing and communication.

For many years we continuously create, optimize and maintain apps used by top financial institutions, automotive, telco and other market leading companies. We understand the value and impact of our products and therefore we strive to deliver high-end and bulletproof solutions.

Slovenska Sporitelna

Member of Erste Group Bank AG

Largest commercial bank in Slovakia

"The main reasons why we decided to continue using feedTRACK in the following years are high questionnaire response rates, clear user interface and especially flexibility regarding data transfer (agency understands data and IT in general), structuring questionnaires and emails, task management and analysis.

If we had to sum up in one word the reasons why feedTRACK won again, it would be professionalism."

P Automobil Import

Official Peugeot Importer

"We like the great user experience of AUTO eCIM and how intuitive and handy this online app is. Weekly updates give us a detailed overview of all the latest news from automotive industry."


Member of E.ON

"dMONITOR is a very useful tool. Thanks to dMONITOR we have a comprehensive overview about the direct communication activities on the Czech energy market.

We value the smooth web app with so many filtering options in a data rich archive."